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Conditions For Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By All Means

Learn about the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by common methods, such as buying a property, bank deposit, marriage, work permit, and other things, learn more with City Vista Real Estate.

Conditions For Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By All Means

Learn through City Vista Real Estate, the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through the various available methods in 2022.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2022

The ways in which Turkish citizenship can be obtained and the conditions for Turkish citizenship may be presented at the following points:

1. Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property

The amendments to the executive regulations of Turkish citizenship laws in 2018 made it possible for many investors to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth $250,000, instead of one million dollars according to the previous decision.

As for the conditions for buying a property and obtaining Turkish citizenship through it, according to the amendments issued in 2018, they are as follows:

  • The value of the property should be $250,000, more, or equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate approved by the Central Bank of Turkey.

  • Regularly registering the property in the Title Deed Department, whether this property is ready or under construction.

  • The property must be purchased from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company.

  • A real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company was approved by the Turkish government.

  • A pledge not to sell the property 3 years ago.

  • To pay the value of the property through a regular bank transfer, and in this context, the Department of Foreigners Affairs in the Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey issued a circular, explaining the mechanism for obligating citizens of foreign countries wishing to purchase real estate in Turkey, to pay the price of the property in foreign currencies, and sell these currencies to the Central Bank of Turkey directly or indirectly.

In accordance with this mechanism, the stakeholders are obliged to submit a document demonstrating the sale of the property in currency to a bank by attaching it to the application for registration of ownership of the property submitted to the relevant printing service. The value of the currency sold in Turkish lira registered in the mentioned document is adopted as the price of the property in the property in the property registration transactions in the Title Deed Department.

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The new mechanism also stipulates that currency sale transactions to a bank are carried out exclusively by the purchaser, seller, or representative of the property under a legal agency. The document proving the sale of the currency given by the buying bank should include the personal information of the person concerned, his/her name, surname, passport number, or the foreigner's identification number issued by the Turkish Republic.

In addition to the value of the currency sold in US dollars, with a statement that this amount of currency was sold, in accordance with Article 13 of the circular relating to the movement of capital, issued by the Central Bank of Turkey, which has the title of real estate values, and the amount sold in foreign currency must be equal to the net value for the sale price of the property and does not include any additional expenses, such as contract expenses or mediation fees and others.

2. Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by bank deposit

Under the recent amendments to the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners issued on 09/18/2018, the minimum deposit amount in a Turkish bank has decreased from $3 million to $500,000 only, provided that the deposited amount is not withdrawn for a minimum period of 3 years, so the foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit, which is one of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship in Turkey.

Investors can also obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing government bonds similar to a bank deposit, by purchasing bonds worth $500,000, provided that they are not sold for 3 years. In this context, the value of government bonds that foreign citizens are required to purchase so that they can apply for citizenship has decreased Turkish from $3 million to $500,000.

3. Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by employing Turks

One of the ways that allow foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship is to hire 50 Turkish citizens in one of the fields of work, as the law amending the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners stipulated that the foreign company owner who provides operational job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, previously, it was required to employ 100 citizens.

4. Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage

Turkish laws provide for the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage to a Turkish national or citizen, within the lines of Turkish law on the issue of acquiring Turkish citizenship, and Turkish laws pay close attention to the requirement of marriage, focusing on the fact that it is true and fulfilling the concepts of proper marriage.

The continuation of the marriage for a period of at least 3 years, and the presence of behavioral evidence related to the soundness of intent, that the marriage is based on sound foundations, and the aim of it is to form a family, and not based on the abstract interest that it be a marriage for the purpose of naturalization only. Therefore, no action appears to prove the opposite and the foreign husband or wife does not create a threat to Turkish national security and public security and one of the most important things that a foreign applicant should achieve when applying for Turkish citizenship.

5. Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by work permit

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through work permits is one of the methods followed by foreigners wishing to be naturalized in Turkey. Article 11 of the Turkish Nationality Law stipulated special conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship through work permits, which are:

  • Have the full legal capacity to act in accordance with the law in his home country, and in the event of statelessness, the capacity is according to Turkish law.

  • Starting from the date of submitting the application, the residence in the Republic of Turkey is five years without interruption, and Turkish law has allowed leaving the Turkish territory for a period not exceeding a total of 360 days during the full residence period.

  • Proof of intent to permanently reside in Turkey, such as buying a property, having a commercial activity, and so on.

  • Possessing sufficient ability to speak the Turkish language, enables him/her to practice daily life and communicate with the surroundings around them.

  • Having an income that makes him able to support himself and his family in Turkey.

  • The person is free from any communicable diseases that may affect public health, by conducting examinations in one of the approved hospitals or medical centers.

  • Have good manners and a good reputation.

  • The person shall not have been subjected to any ruling affecting criminal, economic, or political security.

  • Not to be a person who poses a threat to Turkish national security.

  • Undertaking to respect the laws and regulations in force in Turkey.

6. Conditions for obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship

The exceptional way through which Turkish citizenship is obtained can be defined as the amendments enacted by the Turkish government on the naturalization laws for foreign investors in Turkey, which were issued in 2018.

All laws that have been amended in accordance with the executive regulations issued by the Turkish government are included in the exceptional roads that lead you to Turkish citizenship at the end.

The exceptional ways in which Turkish citizenship is obtained can be known through the following points:

  • Purchasing a property valued at more than $250,000.

  • Determine the value of the fixed investment in exchange for obtaining citizenship at $500,000.

  • Hiring 50 Turkish citizens

On the other hand, based on a clause in the Turkish Nationality Law that allows granting citizenship to anyone who provides services to the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish government began almost 5 years ago to grant Turkish citizenship on an exceptional basis to Syrians on its territory, especially qualified people with university degrees, postgraduate studies and professions, artists, athletes, in addition to businessmen, merchants, and owners of commercial activities.

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